Shifting Perspective

What happens when we step out of our bubble? When we take a step back and look at a the bigger picture, could we see a situation from a different angle? Could we see a different side to the story? Could we see another person’s point of view? Could we gain perspective? Could we change our mind? Could it be not as it seems? Could we put ourselves in another’s shoes and feel compassion and empathy for them? This does not condone their actions if they have hurt you, it may just help you to understand their behaviour. Compassion leads to forgiveness, forgiveness does not let them off the hook, it sets us free. Holding on to past hurts only keeps us stuck and heavy, forgiveness helps us to let go and move on, lighter and free to live life.

We see life through filters, the filters start in childhood with our parents conditioning’s, and then we grow up and life throws a few curve balls and we have to cope, so we put on a mask, this is beneficial at the time because it helps us to cope, it gets us through the day. Yet as we go through life we accumulate mask upon mask, we can become stuck in certain thought patterns and ways of being. We lose touch with our essence, the core of who we really are. This can lead to anxiety, feeling depressed, lost, lack of purpose and so on. We get further and further away from our truth.

What would happen if we start to let go a little bit? If we start to do things differently? If we begin to trust life again? If we drop the masks and let the true self shine? Could we become more flexible? Could we take up a new healthy habit? Could we allow things to change? Could we move forward and allow ourselves to grow? All this may sound uncomfortable, and yes it can be, letting go of our old ways of being makes us feel vulnerable, opening up is scary, shedding the masks can be overwhelming, getting to know ourselves requires effort, growth is challenging.

It doesn’t have to be done alone! BodyTalk can help to let go of past conditioning that might be keeping us stuck. It can help to let go of limiting belief systems, for example fear of what others think might be preventing you from stepping out of your comfort zone. Fear of being alone might be keeping you stuck in an unhealthy relationship, fear of failure might be preventing you from taking the next step in your career. These are just a few ways we keep ourselves small. BodyTalk helps to create a more positive mindset, a happier state of being and brings about a sense of well being. It can help us to see things in a new light. It helps us to shift perspective, or gain perspective. It brings us back to our true selves. it gives us the tools to cope with life.

“Thanks so much for such an amazing session yesterday! I really feel so much better and happier today, I have a completely new mindset.” Leigh, Ballito

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