Anchored in Love, Healing through Grace

Everything in the universe is simply energy vibrating at different frequencies. We are both physical and energetic beings and the well being of our physical, mental and emotional state is very dependent on that of our energetic being. We are at our essence, a Soul having a human experience.

After a decade of practicing energy healing I have found the connection and presence of the Soul to be more tangible. Using a combination of intuition and the healing systems I have trained in, a lovely wholesome picture starts to form about what might be going on in the client’s mind, body & energy systems to get to the root cause of issues. I believe these sessions are guided by the Soul and are a way for one to reconnect to their Soul and find peace within. For it is at the vibration of peace where the magic of healing happens.

‘BodyTalk has literally changed my life! Kate has helped me process a whole lot of stuff and the sessions have made me so much more aware of the way I react to things. My stress has been largely reduced and my tolerance for stress has definitely increased. I am a huge advocate of the incredible work Kate does and would highly recommend BodyTalk sessions to anybody. You can only benefit .’

– Lauren, Ballito

BodyTalk has literally changed my life!

BodyTalk has been an incredible healing and personal development tool that I have incorporated into my own life. I am learning so much about myself, and I feel so grateful that Kate has cultivated and holds such a beautiful space for me to heal and grow in. It’s been one of the best investments I’ve made in myself.

-Tash, Ballito.

Kate’s calming and peaceful energy is infectious.