“Thanks so much for such an amazing session yesterday! I really feel so much better and happier today, I have a completely new mindset. You are amazing at what you do.” – Leigh, Ballito

‘BodyTalk has literally changed my life! Kate has helped me process a whole lot of stuff and the sessions have made me so much more aware of the way I react to things. My stress has been largely reduced and my tolerance for stress has definitely increased. I am a huge advocate of the incredible work Kate does and would highly recommend BodyTalk sessions to anybody. You can only benefit .’ – Lauren, Ballito

‘As a yogi and a yoga instructor, the concept of conscious healing and releasing toxins and emotions that do not serve us, is something I wholeheartedly believe in and advocate. In spite of knowing all this, Kate still blew me away. She is insightful, gentle and kind… and she totally got my kids and me right and has shifted a great deal for all of us in the time that we have been seeing her. I would 100% recommend a session with Kate if you have the time and the curiosity and the desire to take responsibility for your body and mind.’  – Helen, Ballito.

‘Kate’s calming and peaceful energy is infectious. BodyTalk has been an incredible healing and personal development tool that I have incorporated into my own life. I am learning so much about myself, and I feel so grateful that Kate has cultivated and holds such a beautiful space for me to heal and grow in. It’s been one of the best investments I’ve made in myself.’  – Tash, Ballito.

‘Amazing. Life changing. I owe it to myself and my family to have these sessions. I don’t think I’ll ever stop.’ – Kerry, Ballito.

‘Kate is incredibly warm, nurturing, gentle, empathetic and a great listener. In her BodyTalk sessions, she creates a calm and nurturing environment where one feels relaxed and open. She is able to interpret how one is feeling and through her energy and support you are able to release any pressing issues, challenges or strong emotions you may be feeling at the time. I always feel very relaxed, revived and refreshed after attending a session with Kate. She has a unique talent for the work she does and I am grateful she is using her gift to help others heal.’ – Jess, Durban.

‘BodyTalk has done wonders for me, after just 2 sessions I feel fantastic, I really thought there was no hope for me and I would have to resort to highly strong medication, however you have helped me fight this and I no longer feel the anxiety and depression. Life is wonderful and I am much more confident about myself now. Thanks Kate.’ – Mrs F.H, Durban.

‘Kate is an amazing practitioner. She has a beautiful calm peaceful way about herself which is very healing.’ – Michelle, Durban.

‘Hi Kate. Just want to tell you I’m feeling fantastic this morning. Wow. What a difference. Thank you.’ – Chris, Durban.

‘Thank you so much for our session yesterday, I really appreciate it.  I am feeling a lot more focused today and the pain in my hips is almost gone.’ – Portia, Durban.

‘Thanks very much for the session – I really enjoyed it. Can you believe it, my wrist is better! So thought I should let you know it really works.’ – Genna, Durban.

Remote Healing

‘I have been a client of Kate’s for over 3 years now, and all my sessions have been remote sessions. Although I have not met her in person her sessions are always uplifting and effective and I actually feel the results immediately. I look forward to her in depth feedback after the treatments as they are always so intuitive and enlightening. I have complete faith in her abilities and I am very thankful that I have her as my guide on my journey of discovery.’ – Thamaray, Durban.

‘Katie Lawrie is a gifted intuitive with a solid sense of groundedness so critical in energy healing. As my BodyTalk practitioner for over 2 years, she has been a pragmatic and wise guide who has held my hand from a distance through very stressful, soul breaking experiences. Katie became my BodyTalk practitioner after a heartbreaking betrayal, abandonment, and miscarriage which had shattered my foundation. Her sessions were personalized, compassionate, and non-judgmental. Her insights and commitment to professionalism took my healing path to places I didn’t know I had wounds to heal. Looking back, she was a salve who quickened soul growth and opened my heart beyond expectations.’ – Rheba, USA.

​I’ve had several sessions with Kate and I am still completely blown away by the whole experience. Katie is so talented, calm and understanding. I am so glad that she is able to do long distance sessions as I have just moved away from Durban and had my first session last week and again I am in awe of Kate’s skill and professionalism.’ – Robyn, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

‘I have been very fortunate to have been treated by Kate in her BodyTalk distance healing sessions. I had been battling from a post traumatic stress following an armed break in at my house. Remarkably after just one session I felt a dramatic change in my stress levels and found a peace of mind I’d not felt for many months. Kate was able to heal my anxiety further through two more sessions which gave me a deeper sense of well being and has truly helped me turn a corner in my recovery. Kate has a gift and I would recommend her healing practice wholeheartedly.’ – Mrs Rush, Sodwana Bay, South Africa.