About The Logo

Ever since I began my healing practice I was drawn to the lotus flower and would take photos of this beautiful flower every chance I got. For me the lotus flower is a representation of growing through your challenges and difficulties and allowing them to help you to blossom into the beautiful person you are meant to be.

Then in mid 2015 I was very drawn to the flower of life and started seeing this image fairly often. The flower of life is an ancient symbol and often called the “pattern of creation”. It is a reminder of how everything in the universe is intricately connected. Every time I saw an image the flower of life I would feel its power. It became a representation of pure potential and the ability to tap into unlimited source to turn your dreams into a reality and create the life you desire.

The idea for a new logo was in my mind for quite some time, one Sunday morning I strolled into a book shop and met a beautiful soul named San, little did I know that he was the perfect designer for my logo. We got chatting and I learned that he was a freelance graphic designer! “light-bulb” San gave me his email address and told me to send him a brief. I went home and life carried on, eventually about six weeks later I emailed him a brief. The end of the year rolled on and early December I received some options from San. WOW I could not believe it he totally “got” my brief and produced the most amazing logo options!! Did I mention the name of the book shop was “Destiny” 😉

The last 10 years have not been all that easy and I am so grateful for finding BodyTalk & Reiki as they have helped me to get through some challenging times. It has helped in so many ways and made me realise that we already have everything we need inside us, it is just about peeling off the layers in order to connect to your true essence and tap into your unlimited potential. Which is so beautifully depicted by my new logo.

Use your challenges to help you connect to your true self and create the life you desire.

Kate Lawrie BodyTalk Logo