About Sessions

In-Person Sessions

An in-person healing session is made up of a combination of the BodyTalk system, The Gift of Health Healing system and intuitive energy healing. Guided by intuition and your Soul’s energy I work with your own innate healing wisdom to reset and realign you. A session is very comprehensive and individualized according to what you need at the current moment in time and it can bring about wonderful shifts for you on all levels – physically, mentally and emotionally. 

Sessions are very gentle and non-invasive, one goes into a lovely relaxed state during the session which allows the body to let go, unwind and move into healing mode. I do not treat or diagnose but simply balance you on all levels, this allows your body’s own innate healing mechanisms to activate, helping you to return to your natural state of well-being. 

Energy healing can help with the following:

  • manage stress
  • ease aches & pains
  • reduce anxiety & depression
  • cope with change & trauma
  • strengthen immunity 
  • increase energy levels
  • release emotional blockages
  • help one to return to joy and peace

Remote Soul Healing Sessions 

Remote healing can be just as powerful as in person sessions, sometimes more so.

We are moving into a time where a Soul-led life is becoming unavoidable. The vibration of our beautiful Gaia is rising daily, calling us to step up and raise our frequency as well. The heart is the portal to our Soul and in order to reconnect and open up to the whispers of our Soul we need to open our hearts. This can be very difficult.

The last few years we have gone through  a collective dark night of the soul. Some may have felt this more tangibly on a personal level, having experienced very tough and challenging circumstances – their own dark night of the soul. The dark night is a calling from deep within, a calling from the Soul.

Sometimes the initiations of the Soul are treacherous and we have to walk through fire in order to rise again. It is in the darkness or the void that new life starts to seed, through the challenges we come to know ourselves, our strengths and our vulnerabilities. However this time can be extremely painful, one can feel stuck, anxious, depressed, lost and confused and getting out of the darkness might seem impossible. Feeling like this can start to impact one’s physical health and day to day life becomes a real struggle.

During a remote healing session I connect to the energy of your Soul to bring about insight, shifts and healing on all levels – energetically, emotionally, physically and mentally.  The session can have a profound impact on you and your life situation, helping to clear blockages, enabling you to find clarity and move forward in life with peace of mind and peace in your heart.