We can choose to be free

It’s been awhile since my last post. The end of last year seems like a haze, I was one big ball of stress – yes the irony does not evade me, I am very good at helping others manage their stress, however not so good at managing my own – it is a work in progress.

Every year seems to bring its own challenges, 2019 challenged me health wise in a big way. My immune system took a real knock and I was flat for a long time, just when it felt like I was getting over something, the next thing would hit. When you are in the midst of something difficult, whatever it may be, illness, grief, heartache, stress, anxiety, depression, it can at times feel like it’s never going to end. And we as humans (I can say we because I am guilty of it too) are always trying to find the easy way out or a quick fix. Nobody likes to suffer, and there is a false perception of needing to be happy all the time so we pop the pills, have an extra glass of wine to push our emotions away in an attempt not to feel. This may help in the short term but it is rarely sustainable. Sometimes we have to sit with the discomfort, feel it and allow it to move through our bodies, trusting that it won’t last forever. Knowing it will pass.

We forget that pain is a natural reaction to a stress response and a protection mechanism. The body is constantly sending us messages and if we take the time to tune in a listen to what it is trying to tell us we might be able to ease the anxiety, calm the stress and begin to heal sooner rather than later.  (The longer we ignore our bodies messages the louder it shouts and the more intense the pain becomes). Easier said than done, yes I know – I’m the first one to avoid my meditation mat when I get into a funky head-space, which is when I need it the most. However, if we can maintain a certain level of presence and awareness and remember that we always have a choice to do something uplifting, then step by step we can begin to re-wire our brains and create new, healthy ways of being. We cannot choose what happens to us but we can always choose how we respond or react. We can choose to release unhealthy patterns that are keeping us stuck, we can choose to see things from another perspective.

So if you find yourself struggling, know that it is a phase, it won’t last forever, the sun will shine again. Be kind to yourself, and treat yourself as you would a loved one who is in need of care and support.

“We are overwhelmed by loss and think we will never recover a sense of self and purpose, that we will never mend. But despite – and really because of – the struggles and the tragedies in our lives, each of us has the capacity to gain the perspective that transforms us from victim to thriver. We can choose to take responsibility for our hardships and our healing. We can choose to be free.” The Choice by Edith Eva Eger

May your year be filled with presence, peace of mind and uplifting choices.


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