The power of love – a note on the heart…

“The day the power of love over rules the love of power, the world will know peace.” Gandhi

We have yet to realise the magnitude and power of our hearts. Often guarded, closed or blocked by a painful past – trauma, heart ache, loss, our hearts stay overly protected by a tight pericardium muscle, or a blocked heart chakra, this is just our body’s way of keeping us safe if we have been hurt in the past.

However if we can find the strength and courage to let ourselves be vulnerable and drop the tight guard, our hearts can begin to melt, the edges soften and our heart chakra can start to open.

Societal conditioning teaches us that vulnerability and sensitivity is a sign of weakness (I like to think that this is slowly changing).

People are uncomfortable when someone around them is sad or emotional, what if we could learn to hold space when a loved one is upset, perhaps they do not need anything to be “fixed” they just need a witness to their emotions.

Allow your heart to open and expand and fill with even more love than you can imagine and love will be reflected back to you in all of life. Remember the love includes the hurt and the grief for without these feelings we would not know the true extent and feeling of love.

If our hearts are grounded, we will maintain our power, strength, center and peace in all of life’s situations.

It is not easy to put the above into practice, but with awareness and allowing yourself to drop into your heart space more often and connect with the feelings in your heart, you can start to open, to soften and to let go.

For it is in the feeling that leads to healing.

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