Soul Healing

We are moving into a time where a Soul-led life is becoming unavoidable. The vibration of our beautiful Gaia is rising daily, calling us to step up and raise our frequency as well. The heart is the portal to our Soul and in order to reconnect and open up to the whispers of our Soul we need to open our hearts.

During the last few years we have gone through a collective dark night of the soul. Some may have felt this more tangibly on a personal level, having experienced their own dark night’s while for others it may have been more of a collective journey. The dark night is a calling from deep within, a calling from the Soul.

Sometimes the initiations of the Soul are treacherous and we have to walk through fire in order to rise again. It is in the darkness or the void that new life starts to seed, through the challenges we come to know ourselves, our strengths and our vulnerabilities.

In order to connect with our Soul, our heart needs to open, however sometimes we have spent years maybe even lifetimes protecting and guarding our hearts that the only way the heart can open is to be cracked open and this process can be unbearably painful at times.

If we can learn to lean into the discomfort rather than run away from it or numb it out then the light can begin to enter, as Rumi said, “The wound is where the light enters”. 

After a decade of practicing energy healing I have found the connection and presence of the Soul to be more tangible. Using a combination of intuition and the healing systems I have trained in, a lovely wholesome picture starts to form about what might be going on in the client’s mind, body & energy systems to get to the root cause of issues. I believe these sessions are guided by the Soul and are a way for one to reconnect to their Soul and find peace within. For it is at the vibration of peace where the magic of healing happens.

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