Reconnecting to the body

Most of us spend a lot of time living in our heads, disconnected from our bodies. When this happens thinking takes over and our days are ruled by the mind and the heart and gut are forgotten or shutdown. This makes it difficult to connect to our intuition or that gut feel that is nudging us in a right direction, (as the heart always knows the way). When we are stuck in our heads the hamster wheel is in constant motion, sometimes it spins faster than other times and often it is the same thoughts that are spinning around and around.

The consciousness of the stomach relates to the intellect and the conscious mind, so when the mind is in a spin it can affect the physical functioning of the stomach. For example digestion can be affected if we are battling to process something that is going on in life around us or over-thinking can manifest as anxiety and lead to stomach pain or cramps. And so it goes on, these are just a few examples of how the mind affects the body, whatever is happening in the mind plays out somewhere in the body. When we are disconnected from the body it is difficult to connect the dots.

“We are taught to control the body by way of the mind, which is considered far superior. But the body has an intelligence whose mysteries the mind has yet fathom.” Anodea Judith

Stress and trauma are big factors that keep us disconnected from our bodies and when we are disconnected or disassociated from the body it is difficult to feel grounded. This leads to feeling scattered, spacey, disconnected, overwhelmed or difficulty with focus and concentration.

 “Our bodies are the solid form of our existence. To be solid is to face what is in front of us without flinching, to remain anchored in truth in the face of opposition , and to remain calm and secure” Anodea Judith.

When life is busy and things are frantic it can be difficult to remain grounded and connected to ourselves, especially when there is a never ending to-do list and many balls being juggled. However don’t despair it can be as simple as taking 3 deep breaths to bring yourself back into your body or placing your feet on the earth and connecting to vital earth energy. Even if you are sitting at a desk all day and can’t get outside, feel your feet on the floor underneath you and visualise them sinking into the earth, sending roots down into the deepest parts of the earth, see them anchoring into the earth and then breathe in the vital earth energy from the roots into your feet, into the base of your spine and up to your heart center. A short and simple visualisation to top up your energy reserves and reduce stress levels.
If all else fails remember the “PAUSE” there is so much power in the pause! A short pause in between different activities or tasks also helps to bring you back into your body.

Our bodies are always working for us, trying to bring us back into balance. Through reconnecting to our bodies we can learn to hear our inner wisdom.

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