Soul Retreat

I’m really looking forward to the next Soul Retreat at the end of October, a weekend immersed in the high-frequency vibration of love, nurturing and nourishing yourself on all levels – mind – body – soul. 
The weekend will be made up of yoga classes, workshops, meditations and some free time in between to relax and just BE. 

Workshops will include teachings on:

  • The energetic body and how the subtle world affects us.
  • Learn how to shift heavy emotions to lighter, more freeing emotions, helping us to live in a higher vibration.
  • Merging the personality with the Soul so we can be in alignment with our true selves, reminding us of what lights us up and to live from a space of JOY.
  • Meditations to cleanse, clear and activate all 12 Chakras.

The venue is a lovely beach front house in Sheffield Beach, KZN, with direct access to the beach, the view in itself is enough to de-stress! The cost is all inclusive and delicious vegetarian meals will be provided. I hope to provide a space where you can disconnect from day to day life and reconnect to yourself, remembering the essence of your being. 
If you have any question let me know.

Much love

“Love is the highest-frequency current, it produces buoyancy, radiance, lightness, and joy. Your intentions create the reality that you experience, until you become aware of this it happens unconsciously. When you choose to create harmony and love you will draw to you the highest frequency currents that each situation has to offer. Eventually you will come to understand that love heals everything, and love is all there is.”
Gary Zukav

Testimonial from a past retreatant:

Thank you so, so much for a truly wonderful weekend…it was sheer bliss! I am still feeling so relaxed and peaceful!”

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