What is BodyTalk?

This is a question that people often find tricky to answer.

Simply put BodyTalk helps you to remove the layers and masks that keep you stuck in negative patterns which ultimately stop you from enjoying life and living at your optimum. It helps you to cope with and manage your stress levels.

Stress comes from resisting life. We have become a society consumed by instant gratification and there is a perception of needing to be “happy” all the time.

We don’t want to feel the painful and uncomfortable emotions such as sadness, loneliness, fear, anxiety and anger, so we bury them, we pop a pill to block them or we distract ourselves by numbing out with food or alcohol or mindless scrolling through social media, trying to fill the void. However this perpetuates the emptiness and makes us feel even more unhappy. By blocking these uncomfortable feelings it pushes them deeper into our subconscious and the masks we wear (to cope) become bigger and more entrenched in our psyche keeping us stuck in an unhealthy pattern and way of life. This way of life eventually it starts to take its toll on the body. Aches and pains start to develop, getting out of bed becomes difficult, tension builds in the shoulders, brain fog sets in, moodiness and irritability become the norm and so the list goes on.

By blocking the painful emotions we are also blocking our potential to feel the positive emotions: joy, happiness, love, excitement. If we didn’t know what it was like to be sad we wouldn’t know joy. The pendulum of life is always in motion and there will always be good times and bad times. The trick is to learn how to navigate the ups and downs so that life can flow through you rather than fighting against the current and constantly trying to swim upstream – it’s exhausting!

And this is why I love BodyTalk because it helps us to navigate the curve balls that come our way. It helps us to cope with pain and trauma and it helps us to let go the masks and layers we have piled on (in order to cope) which in turn enables us to feel comfortable with who we are and all that we are meant to experience in life.

By allowing yourself to experience the full spectrum of life you create the space for potential and in doing so open yourself up to live life at your optimum.

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