Happy Spring Day!

The days are getting longer and warmer, the air is fragrant with the scent of flowers starting to bloom, spring is definitely here!

The liver is the organ of spring. It is a great time to detox the body and mind! If you have been feeling somewhat stuck, battling to envision the future and make plans to move forward then it may be because your liver is out of balance and not quite functioning at its optimal level. Not only is the liver our detoxing organ, the consciousness of the liver is about planning, organizing, having a vision and moving forward. The liver also stores emotions such as anger, irritation, frustration and resentment.

Spring is a great time for balancing the mind and body, releasing old emotions and clearing negative patterns or habits. Sometimes we can come out of winter feeling somewhat sluggish and lethargic and just need a little help with getting back on track. A BodyTalk session is a great way to get our mind and body back into sync, when we are functioning as a cohesive system we feel more energized, enthusiastic about life and motivated to do things that so often we know we need to do but can’t quite get ourselves to do them!

This spring I encourage you to make your well being a priority, choose one thing that’s going to be beneficial to your body and mind. It might be committing to exercising every day, or cutting down on the coffee or sugar, or simply spending 5-10 minutes a day quietening your mind.

I am choosing to get on my meditation mat every day as I know that this is what I need to feel grounded, connected and the deep sense of peace and quiet that my mind and body need in order to function optimally.

Wishing you a beautiful Spring xx

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